Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the more frequent questions we get asked by new families. If you have a question that is not covered below regarding our admission process, please contact MACS Admissions. For all other questions regarding St. Matthew Catholic School, please use our website contact form.

MACS stands for Mecklenburg Area Catholic Schools. MACS represents nine of the Catholic Schools in the Greater Charlotte area. When you apply, you will submit your child's application and materials to MACS. Tuition is also paid to MACS. Most other details including academics, schedule, and extra-curricular activities are handled by each school respectively.

Absolutely! All MACS schools admit students of any race, color, sex, religion, national and ethnic origin.

Yes. Through needs identification, consultation and referral services, we strive to support students with specific learning needs. The Learning Support Program at St. Matthew strives to provide support on multiple levels: to the student, the teacher, and the parents. The Learning Support teachers provide support both within the classroom and through weekly small group sessions. Mecklenburg Area Catholic Schools (MACS) also offers several self-contained special needs programs to meet the needs of students with disabilities. For more information on these programs, go to

Priority Placement is given to students according to the following classifications, per admission round:

  • Siblings of current MACS students who are participating Catholics (apply in December)
  • Students of current MACS teachers
  • Participating Catholics of a parish in Mecklenburg County and surrounding areas
  • Participating Catholics of a parish outside of Mecklenburg County and surrounding areas
  • Siblings of non-participating Catholics and non-Catholics currently attending a MACS school
  • Non-participating Catholics and non-Catholics
In all cases involving Catholic students, their pastor must certify (with his signature on the enclosed Parish Participation Voucher) that they are participating Catholics in order to have priority placement and be eligible for the Catholic tuition rate. In order to be eligible for the participating parishioner tuition rate, Catholic families transferring into the Charlotte area may provide a letter from the pastor at their current parish stating that they are participating parishioners.

Entrance into a MACS school is subject to screening. Dates and times will be scheduled by our screening agency, ABC Educational Services, upon receipt of completed application. This process helps to determine the grade level where success will be assured. Parents will receive a copy of their child's testing results with the admission invitation.

Applications become available each December for the following school year. To apply, please click here to visit the MACS website.

Tuition rates vary depending on grade level. A discounted tuition rate is available for participating Catholic families. MACS Tuition & Fee schedule are available via the MACS website located at

MACS offers several payment options for tuition; annual payment for the entire tuition prior to the beginning of the school year, or automatic withdrawal by MACS from a checking account. Drafts may be made on a twelve month, quarterly or semi-annual basis.

MACS has designed an After School Enrichment Program (ASEP) to meet the needs of children K-8, full day preschoolers and full day TK children. The MACS ASEP will provide a child-centered, safe and stimulating environment to allow children to interact freely with others. The full-time TK-5th grade program offers a variety of activities which will include: recreation and games, arts and crafts, homework time, snacks, holiday parties, and programs from outside groups. The middle school ASEP provides a program to meet the specific needs of adolescents. Students will be exposed to safe, supervised, recreational and academic environment, providing these students with the ability to complete homework and projects.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the ASEP Program at St. Matthew Catholic School.