An active, integral part of St. Matthew

St. Matthew PTOParents are an extremely active and integral part of the St. Matthew Catholic School community. The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is strong and vital, and serves as a vast network of support for the teachers and staff.

St. Matthew Catholic School has approximately 50 PTO Committees and a variety of volunteer opportunities available. Volunteers assist in classrooms, lunch room, school office, special classes, field trips, and on a number of other school-related activities and celebrations. All volunteers must complete the Diocesan volunteer requirements before they can help in the school. Parents are encouraged to participate in their child's education and in the school community. Teachers are pleased and proud with the parental involvement at the school.

The PTO provides the school with revenue through the fundraisers they sponsor throughout the school year. These funds may be used to purchase classroom supplies, playground equipment, and computer and technology items. Funds have also been used to improve our buildings and grounds.